returnSuccess Software

Guiding Principles

Our mission is to help our customers command and control their business through better software.


  • Strive to deliver more than asked
  • Work harder for clients than ourselves
  • All breaks or interruptions are non-billable
  • Communicate frequently during jobs
  • Assume as little as possible
  • Address problems, not symptoms
  • Learn new skills on our own time
  • Always deliver documention and training
  • Proactively correct errors

What we respect

  • Reputation
  • Truthful communications
  • GAAP principles
  • Non discrimination
  • Laws
  • Copyright
  • Privacy
  • Competitors
  • Property


  • Make ease of maintenance a priority
  • Automate everything possible
  • Master subjects before committing
  • Be unafraid to pioneer
  • Embrace the new
  • Keep learning
  • Build expertise in house
  • Share expertise