returnSuccess Software

We are a software development and support company serving a wide variety of businesses in the SMB market. Typical projects are modifying, rewriting or converting ERP systems, creating websites, web interfaces and apps. Our primary guiding principal is to minimize both the SDLC and TCO costs while maximizing our clients business control.

returnSuccess has extensive experience in every aspect of business, application development, maintenance, and conversion. If your requirements are getting lost in translation, we can translate.

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ERP Customization

We create reliable and well designed applications for the ProvideX or PxPlus products of the 3rd and 4th world ranked ERP companies, SAGE and INFOR and for numerous smaller commercial ERP packages including customized MAI Basic Four accounting variants. We have also developed websites, dashboards and interfaces since 1994.

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Office Automation

Modifying and conversion of enterprise level applications results in many ancilliary skills, such as office automation, information exhange, and conversions.
We offer professional grade automation for MS Office or Apache Open Office suites.
We have created PxPlus tools to automate and/or document many of these necessary skills and offer a limited number of these tools as freeware.

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Support and Training

We provide support for orphaned and legacy BASIC language systems. If you are considering replacing yours with an expensive alternative, contact us for a free appraisal.
We can inexpensively upgrade your existing system to have the same connectivity, power and the all important buzzwords of the newest on-premise or cloud based systems. Contact us regarding training for all we do.

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